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“Where can I find good remote freelance projects?”

As a remote freelancer you know what it feels like to waste hours looking for your next freelance project.

You scavenge job boards, Twitter, Facebook Groups, forums, and even track down your previous clients hoping for a new lead that’ll work out.

What if your next project isn't on the website you're searching on or you're not looking in enough places? You're wasting your time and not getting paid what you’re worth.

If you’re already working with a client you don’t have time to go through all of these sources individually. It takes hours every day to sort through all of the listings.

As a freelance front-end web developer your time is worth close to $60 per hour or more. If you spend just 2 hours a day looking for work that means you’re looking at a loss of over $3,000+ billable time per month!

What if you could save all of those hours and finding clients was as simple as checking your email for a few minutes every morning?

RemoteLeads sends you the best remote front-end freelance projects to your email so you can get to the most important part: pitching clients and landing new projects.

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How it works

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We search thousands of job listings every day to find the best front-end remote projects for you.

and over 496 more sources...

Good projects aren’t just posted on the job boards and freelance sites you’re searching on. They get posted all over the internet.

We search everywhere a company can post like individual company career pages, Slack Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups, community sites like Hacker News, multiple job boards, and forums.

Every single day we carefully comb through over 500+ individual sources to find the best remote work for you.

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You get a personalized email with the best front-end projects for you.

100% Remote Work

100% Remote Work
All the work you receive is 100% remote friendly. Sending flyers to local businesses asking for work is over.

Quickly get to work

Quickly get to work
All clients are actively seeking front-end help right now. Kiss good-bye to cold calls.

Not a marketplace.

Keep 100% of your money.
We’re not a marketplace. Get in direct contact with clients. You always keep 100% of your income.

RemoteLeads is Perfect For


I’m officially done with searching on freelance sites... The freelance leads are perfect so far and customization was on point as well.

Kevin R. — Saved countless hours looking for remote freelance work that matched his interests.

Digital Nomads

..YES I did!!!! I ended up landing the theme dev project! Thank you so much for sending me those, I give your service and customer service a A++ keep up the great work!

Ajay P. — Landed a Remote WordPress theme development project.


It was great, I ended up getting a part-time front-end development position with one of the tech agencies from your emails. Thank you for the all the help.

Dan B. — Landed a part-time front-end development position.


I was working as an on-site developer for more than 15 years but now with 2 young kids and my wife also working, I was determined to find something remote so I could be with the kids more often instead of always handing them off to my wife's parents during the day. I'm now currently working remotely in a DevOps position I found from the RemoteLeads emails.

Joshua S. — Got hired as a full-time remote DevOps Engineer.

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Common Questions

I’m outside of the U.S. and Canada, is that a problem?

No, your location does not matter. All of the work we send is 100% remote. If there is a time zone or citizenship preference on the posting we'll let you know in the listing.

How many emails should I expect?

Expect 3 - 5 emails every week. We close on Saturdays and Sundays.

How many remote projects / jobs will you send in each email?

The amount will vary with each email. It depends on the languages and frameworks you selected and the type of work as well. In a month it comes out to approximately 100 leads per month if you're on the developer plan and 150 per month if you're on the team plan.

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