January 15, 2022
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Senior Web Developer


Senior Web Developer

About Kisi

Kisi is a security platform with offices in Brooklyn and Stockholm and a global remote team spanning from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We create hardware and software that helps businesses connect and control their spaces through the cloud

About the role:

Join us as a web developer and enable our users to conveniently and reliably use and manage access to their spaces through our web app. For our end users, your focus will lie on building a web app that perfectly covers their need for accessing doors shared with them - fast, reliable and easy to use. For our admins, you will focus on building a web app that facilitates access management and empowers them to quickly gain insights into what is going on at their spaces, including building dashboards, auditing access trails and configuring access restrictions and integrations.


  • You are independently responsible for the entire lifecycle of the web app including engineering design, development, and deployment
  • You passionately pursue and achieve goals that are your responsibility as the web app’s technical owner, across teams and boundaries
  • You improve code structure and architecture in service of testability and maintainability, and ensure the web stack stays up to date and best practices


  • Not a hard limit, but usually three to five years of experience
  • Highly proficient in JavaScript (ECMAScript 2021), React, HTML/CSS (1) and related patterns
  • Highly proficient in architecting, building, testing and deploying web applications around JSON APIs (network, cache, …)
  • You’re a passionate go getter, a fair team player and always open to give and receive feedback
  • Experience with Rails is a plus – and fullstack is possible

(1) We mostly use Material UI components, but some parts are custom.

Why Kisi?

  • Real impact: your contributions matter, and your code will reach customers within a few weeks of onboarding. We have quick turnaround times and enjoy working under reasonable pressure.
  • You’re in for the full picture, from understanding and enhancing product requirements to building and verifying the hardware and software product that corresponds to them.
  • Work hard, play hard. Competitive salary, wellness program, insurances, yearly company bootcamps, but also a lot of heavy lifting and crunching. We want to go above and beyond.
  • Anything but ordinary. We’re a fun and international crew with offices in Brooklyn and Södermalm, and an office atmosphere that’s often described as “too much”.

Kisi logo
Kisi logo


Kisi’s vision is to elevate the day-to-day experience and security at your space as soon as you arrive at the door and beyond.

Features in the pipeline

  • A revamped newsletter with more jobs than ever
  • Get insights from experts during a new podcast series
  • Content and tools to get the job you want with the salary you deserve