January 13, 2022
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Senior JavaScript Developer

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Senior JavaScript Developer

We are in the early stages of migrating our entire presentation layer from PHP and jQuery to one powered by React and Apollo GraphQL. We are also in the midst of transforming our development process to better utilize modern continuous integration and deployment technologies. You will be assuming a central role in both of these tasks and will be expected to be both a technical expert and mentor to other developers.

What You’ll Do

Help build and maintain our data handling capabilities utilizing Apollo GraphQL for both the server and client side layers
Help build and maintain data components for our React based presentation layer
Help build and maintain our CI/CD pipeline and JavaScript monorepo
Experiment and evaluate upcoming technologies to determine their applicability for our use cases

What we’re Looking For

You are very fluent with Node, Apollo, GraphQL, React, & Typescript
You have superior knowledge and experience with Git and CI/CD
You are familiar/competent with PHP, WordPress, and server side technologies
You have significant experience with MySQL (or equivalent databases)
You have great experience with all forms of testing code from unit to E2E
You have great communication and problem-solving skills
You understand and utilize coding best practices and design principles
You enjoy problem solving within a complex business domain involving dates, time zones, internationalization, and multiple currencies

Cultural Values
You are excited about and enjoy working remotely with amazing people from other all over the world. You are able to both provide and receive code reviews in a positive professional manner and enjoy sharing your expertise with others.

Formal Schooling is not a requirement but is highly respected. Ultimately, all we require is that you are passionate about what you do, have significant relevant experience, and strive to be the best in the world at your craft.

You are a kind, honest, and good person.

General Details
We give our team a lot of autonomy, but we are also very collaborative. You must be focused and self-motivated, have solid planning skills, and basic marketing and customer skills. Ideally, you would be familiar with WordPress too, but we can get more help there as needed.

Please email us if you have any questions at

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