July 22, 2021
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Senior Full-stack Engineer


Senior Full-stack Engineer

✍️ Job Description

We are a small team working in an innovative industry and we’re looking to bring on an amazing engineer to focused on the back-end and DevOps.

You will work directly with the VP of Engineering to help tackle the back-end tasks for the app. I hear he’s a cool dude, loves buffalo wings, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

🦾 Here’s what we expect…

  • 40 hours/week.
  • Full-stack—focus on the backend.
  • Great with Python; CI/CD is always on in the toolkit; Good with JS.
  • Familiar with containers and clusters (Kubernetes).
  • Nice and Professional.
  • Self-driven and motivated to learn new things.

💪 You are…

  • Self-motivated, always growing, and self-managed.
  • Knowledgable in Python, Javascript, Kubernetes, Continuous Deployments and always happy to learn.
  • A nice and excellent person, we want great people who work well together.
  • Good at communicating, especially with our developers and designers.
  • Excited to build the BE and know that you’ll get to work on BE/DevOps as you get familiar with the stack.
  • Preferably works well with the US Eastern Timezone.

👍 Your skills

  • Full proficiency in Python and/or JS
  • Know your way around a JS framework
  • Knows how to build and maintain API gateways
  • Knows API Security well (does not have to be proficient)
  • Know how to write clean code that works and looks good
  • Good knowledge of Git and Gitlab (Github, etc)
  • Full English and Remote proficiency

🤘 Bonus Round

  • Major Experience with GKE; GCP is already in your tool belt
  • Likes to read the NGINX documentation for fun
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