January 5, 2022
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Senior DevOps Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer

Welcome to Revieve!

The beauty industry is going through a massive transformation. As the concept of beauty is shifting toward a holistic definition beyond the mere outer appearance, consumers are expecting a personalized approach from their favorite brands and retailers - this is where Revieve comes in.

We help the world's leading brands and retailers offer personalized digital brand experiences built upon AI/AR across the most personal verticals: beauty, wellness, and health. The core of our tech is our "Mobile Skin Diagnostics'' - a proprietary computer-vision technology which analyzes the user’s facial features. Our customers, such as A.S. Watson, Shiseido, No7, to name a few, are spread across four continents and represent 25 countries!

Core specs of the role:

  • Senior, independent contributor role
  • Full-time position
  • Remote location, flexible within +/- 3 hours CET

Here’s how you will make an impact:

You are key to facilitating our growth, as you will maintain our SaaS products and expand them into new regions and cloud providers, when we secure new global partners. We deploy our infrastructure close to our partners’ customers and therefore, you will get to do multi-region deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba cloud. Additionally, you will get to improve our current solutions by designing REST APIs. As we are just transferring to Kubernetes, this is a great opportunity for you to be part of that process, learn and grow.

What you will be working on:

  • You will set up and maintain the infrastructure that powers our applications and services on AWS and Alibaba cloud.
  • You will design, deploy, and maintain our simple backend REST APIs based in Python.
  • You will use Grafana Cloud to ensure all necessary monitoring, alerting and backup solutions are in place.
  • You will also use Terraform and Kubernetes to participate in the ongoing migration to Infrastructure.
  • You will maintain and improve the CI/CD Github Actions pipelines supporting our applications and reaching a good unit test coverage for your developments and changes.
  • You might support importing JSON or XML source files from our partners into our MongoDB product catalog.

These skills will help you succeed:

Note! You don’t need to have the fullstack of these skills but a representative share of them:

  • 3+ years of experience within systems administration, cloud infrastructure or DevOps. Ideally you have worked on large codebases before.
  • Strong expertise in AWS Cloud, including concrete experience in managing IAM roles and policies, as well as other common AWS services.
  • Strong experience with containers: you understand their value, limitations and how they can be used for troubleshooting.
  • Expertise of Terraform and an interest in IaC.
  • Understanding of data formats like JSON and XML.
  • Some experience in distributed systems at scale.
  • Proficiency in designing and implementing REST APIs, HTTP protocol and authentication methods.
  • Some experience with Python, Node.js, shell scripting, Kubernetes, Linux, robust CI/CD pipelines.
  • Additionally, we value your experience in any of the following: MongoDB, Parse SDK, AWS EKS, AWS ECS and AliCloud.

We surely hope you enjoy programming (not just quick scripts!) and are excited to have a mix of developing code and infrastructure in your day.

What’s in it for you:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Supportive network of other senior developers to help you, and to learn from
  • Opportunity to be a part of building Revieve’s product offering and expansion into new markets like China
  • Opportunity to strengthen or build up your skills in Kubernetes
  • Extended network of colleagues around the globe
  • Personal budget for skill development and well-being
  • Personal budget for equipment
  • Full-time role, with an opportunity to work remotely
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid vacation (five weeks/ year and ten local holidays)
  • Paid parental leave

Meet our tech team:

We are a community of 20 talents led by Samuli, one of our founders and a laid back, down-to-earth guy. You could call Valencia our homebase but actually, we are spread all over Europe. While we are all experts in our respective fields from UX to Fullstack and Computer Vision and therefore, work quite independently following the agile principles, we do make time for building personal connections through the professional code reviews and by having a laugh together virtually or over beers face-to-face.

What you can expect in the recruitment:

  • Step 1: Getting to know each other a bit better over the phone
  • Step 2: Fun and short assignment (max. 45 - 60 mins - we promise!)
  • Step 3: Meet one of your future colleagues
  • Step 4: Let’s agree on the details!

This is us:

We are a mix of 60+ people from different professional backgrounds representing 26 nationalities spread across four continents and eight time zones. What connects us is a growth mindset, the sense of taking ownership and proactive action, as well as the values of autonomy and flexibility. We relish in our growth environment that challenges us to take on new responsibilities and find creative solutions to the problems we face. We have the freedom and trust to do our jobs as we best see fit, so long as we keep our promises and the deadlines.

Joining us, you'll be part of a fast-paced environment where we get stuff done but have a life outside the office as well.

Intrigued? We look forward to hearing from you!

Revieve Oy logo
Revieve Oy logo

Revieve Oy

Revieve partners with you to deliver personalized digital brand experiences powered by AI/AR that connect, engage, build loyalty with your customers and drive value for your business.

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