August 4, 2021
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Senior Developer with Extensive WordPress Experience

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Senior Developer with Extensive WordPress Experience

Hi! We're Learning Tapestry. We're a 35+ person all-remote, global organization dedicated to making digital learning "just work" for educators and learners alike. We solve hard problems in complex education technology environments. We’re a triple bottom line company: we make a profit like any good business; our work makes the world better (“social impact”); and we create a healthy internal work environment for everyone who works here. For our staff we believe in flexible work locations and working arrangements.  We empower all of our team members to manage their schedules and adjust as necessary. We're focused on results and impact, not locations and hours. We hire people with great technical ability, but we also expect everyone at Learning Tapestry to have a strong character and solid communication skills.

What We're Looking For

You’re an exceptional professional software engineer with at least 5 years of WordPress and software engineering experience. You’re a well-rounded senior-level developer with very strong WordPress skills and experience in client-facing roles. We are open to someone who is looking for a short-term contract that would complete by the end of the year, but would prefer a long-term working relationship. The right person will be able to start out with a workload of 30-40 hours per week. You must have some availability that overlaps with our client in New York (UTC -5) (~4 hours/day) and California (UTC -8) (~1 hour/day).

You will start by working directly with one of our global enterprise clients focusing on building and maintaining a large, high traffic, multinational WordPress site.You must be comfortable interacting directly with Director and VP-level executives and guiding them towards technical solutions that meet their business objectives. Dedication to delivering highly performant, well-tested code in a team environment is a requirement, and experience with collaborative tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Git.

You’re comfortable in a remote work environment, with team members from different time zones. You can manage your own time and are a self-starter. You are experienced and fluent in the productivity tools we use, like Google Apps & Hangouts, Slack, and Harvest for time tracking. You’re fluent in written English and your spoken English can be easily understood by US native English speakers. You will be communicating regularly with our American clients and collaborating with our global team in videoconferences, over slack, via email, videoconference, and in work tickets.

Required Skills and Experience

-You have either:

  • Computer Science or Engineering degree or other STEM degree, or
  • Exceptional professional software engineer experience and expertise

-You have very good written communication skills, fluent written English, and comfortable, clear spoken English

-At least five years of Software Engineering Experience

-Very experienced and very interested in working with WordPress

-At least five years of experience crafting high-quality custom WordPress themes and plugins from scratch

-Extensive experience working with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS) and JavaScript

-At least 2 years of professional experience with React (preferred), Angular, Vue, or other complex front-end Javascript framework experience.

-An eye for details, comfortable creating pixel perfect UIs

-Experience connecting UIs to 3rd party integrations (authentication, payments, etc.)

-Experience working with RESTful APIs, including the WordPress REST API

-Experience with caching and performance optimization in a WordPress context

-Familiar with at least basic SEO and accessibility concepts

-Write clean, self-explanatory code using S.O.L.I.D. and design patterns

-Experience working in collaborative environments using git (e.g. Bitbucket, GitHub)

-Comfortable using ticket-based technical project management (e.g., Jira, GitHub tickets and boards)

-Must have some availability that overlaps with our clients in New York (UTC -5) and California (UTC -8)

Bonus Skills

  • Comfortable with Typescript or willing to learn it.
  • Back-end experience with Node.js and/or Ruby
  • Some DevOps/Linux experience with AWS/Azure/Rackspace/Heroku/DigitalOcean
  • Database experience with Postgres
  • Continuous Integration and Devops/Deployment experience (e.g., GitHub Actions, CodeShip, Cloud66, CircleCI, AWS, Docker, K8, etc)
  • Experience in EdTech Field (Education projects)

To Apply

Send us your resume.  Very Important: In your cover letter please state in what ways you are available for work during the hours described in this job description.

Equal Opportunity

Learning Tapestry is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities to apply. We are also particularly interested in individuals who have lived in or worked with underserved communities such as low-income, gender nonconforming, disabled, or indigenous peoples.

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Learning Tapestry provides innovation and infrastructure solutions to support learners and educators. We solve hard problems in complex digital learning environments.

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