July 16, 2021
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Senior Backend Developer (Node.js & PHP)


Senior Backend Developer (Node.js & PHP)

Who we are?
We are small international company based in the Netherlands who created an affordable multi-channel communication software taking the results of sales teams to the next level. Our app helps in the field of direct sales, where we focus on the Dutch market. Our vision at SalesChamp is to create the simplest, most effective and easy-to-use omnichannel communication platform in the world.

As SalesChamp has also an office in Brno, Czech Republic, and on top of that works with full remote team members, the structure can be defined as a hybrid remote set up.

Our team has grown from 9 to 16 members within a year and the development team itself consists of five senior and five junior developers. In the team there are amazing people working from Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Nigeria, Russia, Bulgaria and UK. Currently we're looking for 4-5 new team members in 3 different roles within the development team.

Whom are we looking for?

We're looking for a strong candidate experienced in Node.js and PHP to help us build cool new features within our current web application and to help us create a whole new product of our company. You'll be working "side by side" with our international development team bringing up ideas and solutions for some of the current challenges we're facing.

What will be the scope of your work?

  • Backend programming
  • Proposal of solution of necessary changes in the application
  • Bug fixing
  • Code reviews

On the server side you will need:

  • PHP, ES6, Node.js and Typescript
  • Nette (PHP framework)
  • RabbitMQ, MongoDB and MySQL

What we can offer:

  • Contractor based cooperation
  • Competitive salary and flexible working schedule
  • Trips to our head office in Netherlands once a year
  • Friendly team of beautiful young people
  • Team buildings, Happy hours (remote work support)

SalesChamp is a young Dutch company with offices in Amsterdam and Brno, Czech republic. Our software helps Dutch sales agents communicate with potential customers. It has various parts such as product presentations, direct sales, reporting, mailing and more. Our customers are some of the most influential organisations on the Dutch Market. Check out our:

At SalesChamp we will invest in the development of your skill set. As the company levels up, so too do your opportunities for personal growth.

Are you...

  • Ready to stand out from the crowd and see the results of your work immediately?
  • Tired of working hard with little recognition?
  • Ready to take on an integral role in a flexible team environment?
  • Eager to join a great and friendly team of software developers?

Join us by helping with our mission to simplify and enhance digital communication.

Our 'Why'

In our experience we have seen many companies trying to get things done for their customers... but even though there were always a lot of cool ideas, the results were negatively impacted by:

  • the mismatch of different communication channels
  • IT obstacles
  • lack of overview of central management.

This was painful to see and created an urge to find and create digital communication solutions. At SalesChamp, we work on improving of all this every day, but we need your help.

Our mission

To simplify and enhance digital communication for organisations.

Our vision

Become the world's number 1 tool helping people communicate with their audience and organise each interaction effectively.

Who is SalesChamp?

SalesChamp is a diverse group which consists of...

11 of the sharpest, most passionate group of developers and contributors you've ever worked with.

What we're offering:

  • Investing in your core skill development - while we appreciate people who like to work things out, we do take education very seriously and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed for excellence.
  • Office space or remote work - we have offices in Czech Republic and the Netherlands, and welcome remote work.
  • Flexible environment - while we do have a prioritised road map, we allow space for new ideasand constantly adapt to improve our workflow and product.
  • Team events - we like to have fun,including an annual visit to our headquarters in Amsterdam.
  • See your impact immediately - our customers are hungry to improve their digital communication, and your efforts to help them will be noticed immediately.
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Affordable multi-channel communication software taking the results of your team to the next level.

Features in the pipeline

  • A revamped newsletter with more jobs than ever
  • Get insights from experts during a new podcast series
  • Content and tools to get the job you want with the salary you deserve