July 12, 2021
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React JS Developer needed for Web App

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React JS Developer needed for Web App

For a brief introduction to the project, it will consist of a web application frontend and backend that will allow users to sign up and use the system. There are about 42 pages/popups for the system.

Some Major Features:

  • Forum type application
  • Guest VS Member access
  • In app and email notifications
  • Filtering of Post/Contests
  • Currency awards and purchasing
  • User Profiles
  • One user (admin) will have extra controls on their application view

Please read carefully:


It is important to understand expectations, to that end we’ve listed some of the things that are important to us and to the success of our projects and relationships.


Be honest with yourself and with us about the quality of your work.
Our approach to quality: We are not distracted, we care about the success of the project as if it were our own. We are honest with ourselves and our clients.

Timely response

You can expect an answer from us within 24 hours (weekends and holidays being the exception).
Even if the response only confirms that there will be a delay you will hear from us. We expect the same from you.

On time delivery

Punctuality is VERY important. We trust you and make promises based on the dates you give us.
If you find yourself in a place where you feel you might not be able to deliver on time please let us know right away. The SOONER you let us know the better it is for everyone. Do NOT wait. Say so right away!

Notification of time off

Holidays and vacations come up during a project.
Please provide at least one weeks notice ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.


Plan to work away from home? Please let us know ahead of time. Promised internet connections are not always reliable. Help us plan so there will not be any issues.


Your punctuality is appreciated. Let us show respect for one anothers time by being on time and ready for our scheduled meetings.


If you are at all uncertain please ask! Assuming rarely has a positive outcome. We pay attention to your questions, we are impressed by vendors who ask good questions.
Quality questions give us confidence in your ability and understanding.


If you are having problems with a task let us know so we can work together to find a solution.

The Unexpected

When something unexpected comes up OVER COMMUNICATE right away. We understand that sometimes things go wrong. The sooner we know the more options we have and the more opportunity we have to work together to find a solution.


When contracted by Tepia Co it is it is expected that all work is to be completed and labeled in all ways possible as work done by Tepia Co. Advertising by images, email addresses, web addresses or any other means is not acceptable. It is expected that due consideration will be exercised when delivering work to ensure no advertising is included. Where dummy data is used please use appropriate, professional, and non-suggestive examples. Where test accounts require email addresses and or phone number support please work with your Tepia Co project manager and ‘alias’ accounts will be setup with forwarding rules so that all test accounts will be *

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