February 14, 2022
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Junior Ruby On Rails Developer


Junior Ruby On Rails Developer

Company description

Since 2008, InFakt has been providing an application that facilitates running a business, contacting accountants, issuing invoices and adding costs. It is an application created from scratch that has won the Polish market and is a market leader. The artificial intelligence mechanism we are developing allows you to automatically recognize and book new documents, which significantly simplifies the work of entrepreneurs so that they can deal with what is most important to them.

Job description

Working with us is:

  • regularly updated versions of Ruby (2.5-2.7), Ruby On Rails (6.0-6.1) and PostgreSQL (11.9)
  • modern solutions such as hosting in AWS, CDN, k8s, GithubActions,, HoneyBadger, ReactJS
  • strong focus on application security (regular audits, Ruby / Rails / gems updates, dependabot, training for developers in Niebezpiecznik and Sekurak)
  • architecture based on microservices and RabbitMQ / RestAPI communication,
  • Tech Lead that you work with on a daily basis, at the forefront of each team
  • code review as a key element of implementing new code,
  • being part of a 20-person IT department (5 teams of 2-4 developers + testers)
  • meetings inside IT, where we talk about solutions from recent sprints, curiosities and technological plans
  • LeSS (scalable Scrum), where on a joint review of the entire company (marketing, sales, customer service and IT) we show what we have delivered to our clients
  • structured, developer-friendly work environment, e.g. dedicated test environments, code review, constantly developed automatic tests
  • clearly described development path (inFakt developer levels) and implementation to the team
  • flexible start time (between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m., if convenient for you) and a hybrid mode when it comes to the place of work (office - home)

The team you will join:

  • develops our own invoicing and accounting application, No. 1 on the Polish market,
  • creates solutions used every day by tens of thousands of Polish entrepreneurs
  • consists of two Developers, Tech Lead, Tester, UX Designer, Accounting Specialist and Product Owner,
  • collaborates with other Ruby teams, mobile (iOS, Android) and infrastructure team
  • implements functionalities, the final shape of which takes into account feedback from the development team, so your opinion matters
  • works on clear goals that he sets himself every quarter
  • shares knowledge, supports and achieves goals.


I am looking for you if:

  • you have experience in creating applications in Ruby On Rails
  • you know the basics of Ruby, Rails, GIT, JavaScript
  • you know the basics of security for web applications
  • you want to learn high-level programming quickly

Additional information

They are waiting for you:

  • MacBook Pro and two additional monitors
  • Technical and development bookcase
  • Health insurance for you and your family / partner
  • Online domestic and foreign trainings (the way of a modern architect)
  • Multisport Benefit card
  • Covered bicycle parking + shower
  • comfortable office in the center of Krakow (present in the hybrid version)
  • A comfortable chair 🙂 (it can take care of your spine also during remote work)

inFakt logo
inFakt logo


You add invoices, inFakt accountant keeps your company's accounting records.

Features in the pipeline

  • A revamped newsletter with more jobs than ever
  • Get insights from experts during a new podcast series
  • Content and tools to get the job you want with the salary you deserve