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Google PageSpeed Insights Improvement (Wordpress)

Google PageSpeed Insights Improvement (Wordpress)

We need help improving page speed for our WordPress multisite instance with 20 subsidiary sites. We are open to quotes for improving the speed on a single site (, but prefer to work in a manner such that our entire portfolio of sites is ‘sped up’.

We are interested in having our Google Pagespeed Insights improved to 90+. We have the latest software and already use fast hosting (Kinsta), enable minification, and multiple levels of caching. The big offenders are available in the included report from Google Pagespeed. They are:
– Reduce initial server response time (1094ms)
– Eliminate render-blocking resources (2560ms)
– Enable text compression (209 KiB)
– Reduce unused CSS (125 KiB)

We are open to rebuilding pages or utilizing different themes/frameworks. We need to understand the total effort and costs in doing this, if so. We are interested in ‘future proofing’ ourselves as much as possible from this issue occurring again.

The first site that we are trying to speed up is More details about our server architecture can be provided as needed.


1) No additional plugins

The first requirement we have is that we cannot install additional plugins. We already cache, combine, and minify files. Plugins often add bloat and are not maintained. We would need strong rationale for installing a new plugin in our network. I have attached the list of plugins that we use, as well as our server’s details.

2) Make changes in staging environment

Please test your changes in our staging environment so that we do not disturb production data. Staging access will be provided once we start.

3) Document changes

Please document the changes that you make so that we can reintroduce them in our production environment. We would like to understand what was done in a clear and concise manner.


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