July 7, 2021
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Full Stack Developer

Deluge On a Luge

Full Stack Developer

About Us

Deluge On a Luge is an Australian based SaaS company that runs a business SMS and telephony app. Our app makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS/Whatsapp as well as making phone calls. Our customers are mainly located in the US.

About the role

Jeremy, the founder, is based in Australia and is struggling to keep up with demand in the US. He’s looking for someone to build new features, fix bugs and occasionally troubleshoot issues with customers when the level 1 tech support rep can’t solve it.

Critical skills

The key skills you’ll need are:

  1. React JS (our main frontend is built in React) - 3+ years
  2. Python (Flask) - our backend is built in Flask - 3+ years
  3. Fluent written and spoken English

Nice to have skills

It would also be nice if you had experience with the following technologies (though it’s fine if you haven’t worked with them before - you’ll learn soon enough):

  1. Twilio APIs
  2. Ionic Capacitor (our mobile app is built with this)
  3. Laravel (our mobile app backend uses Laravel)
  4. Zoho CRM (our product integrates with Zoho CRM and we have some critical code written in Deluge script, Zoho’s own programming language)
  5. Chrome extensions (we have a companion chrome extension)
  6. (we use wdio to write UI acceptance tests)
  7. Heroku (we run our Flask backend on Heroku)

Customer support requirements

You’ll need to be available at least 4 hours per day in EST business hours (9am to 5pm EST). This is so that if there is a major outage/issue, you’ll be able to troubleshoot. Our goal is obviously to minimise the number of times this happens so you can focus on developing new features. Our team has been heavily focused on writing unit tests and tests to make sure new changes don’t cause regressions. Currently tech support takes up ~4hrs per week.


We will provide a salary of $3000 USD per month paid weekly.

Contract length

The contract will initially be for 6 months. 

Working hours

You will work 40 hours per week though you are welcome to arrange your schedule as you see fit as long as you are available for 4hrs per day in EST as mentioned above.

We’re also open to part time. (Salary will be adjusted pro-rata)

Working location

This is a remote role.

About the team

There are currently three key team members:

  • Jeremy: founder and lead developer (Australia)
  • Francisco: level 1 tech support (El Salvador)
  • Vatsal: full stack developer (India)

We also employ several contract developers

Company culture

As a small team, we have basically zero hierarchy. Anyone can talk to anyone. New ideas are encouraged. Jeremy loves it when people disagree with him. We’re big on learning. If there are courses you want to do, we’ll pay for it.

The Joel Test

Do you use source control? Yes: github

Can you make a build in one step? Yes we use Github Actions for CI

Do you make daily builds? We generally merge a few commits each day but don’t necessarily deploy immediately

Do you have a bug database? Yes

Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Yes

Do you have an up-to-date schedule? A rough release schedule

Do you have a spec? We normally collaborate on specs for new features

Do programmers have quiet working conditions? Yes - you can work from home

Do you use the best tools money can buy? We’re happy to spend money on tools that improve productivity (e.g. we use Bitrise for mobile app CI, pay for SonarCloud)

Do you have testers? Francisco does testing and we have automated tests

Do new candidates write code during their interview? Yes

Do you do hallway usability testing? Kind of

To Apply

Send through your github link to

Deluge On a Luge logo
Deluge On a Luge logo

Deluge On a Luge

Deluge On a Luge is an Australian based SaaS company that runs a business SMS and telephony app.

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