July 7, 2021
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Frontend Developer


Frontend Developer


My company, TinyPilot, sells open source IT management devices.

I’m looking for a freelance developer with experience in Vue, HTML, and CSS to do 10-15 hours of work per week on the TinyPilot sales site and the TinyPilot web app.

About Me

I started TinyPilot last year after a successful launch on Hacker News. I’m the founder, and I work with two other part-time freelance developers.

I’m a former Google and Microsoft employee, but now I focus full-time on my own software businesses and write about software and entrepreneurship stuff on my blog.


  • Flexible hours
  • Freedom to influence product direction
  • Work with a growing bootstrapped startup
  • Constructive code feedback from a developer with 15 years of experience


  • Strong written English
  • Comfort with Vue 2
  • Comfort with JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • Comfort with git
  • An appreciation for intuitive, maintainable code


How I work with freelance developers

I wrote a blog post explaining how I work with freelance developers.

You don’t have to read the whole thing now, but I recommend at least skimming it to see if it’s a working style you’d enjoy.

Hiring process

I don’t do technical interviews, as I think it’s easier to just start with a small paid assignment and see how it goes.

To apply

Email Michael Lynch with:

  • A note explaining why you’d be a good match for this work
  • You’ll have a much higher chance of a follow-up if you discuss specific details of TinyPilot and what I’ve described about the work.
  • Your resume
  • An example of code you’re proud of
  • A project is ideal, but a single file is fine, as long as it’s 100+ lines of code
  • If you send a link to a large project, point me to a file that’s interesting
  • It’s helpful if you link to a demo URL where I can see the code running
  • An example website you’ve built
  • Your desired hourly pay
TinyPilot logo
TinyPilot logo


An easy-to-use, low-cost device for managing your bare-metal servers

Features in the pipeline

  • A revamped newsletter with more jobs than ever
  • Get insights from experts during a new podcast series
  • Content and tools to get the job you want with the salary you deserve