July 6, 2021
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Front-end Web Developer

BMC Group K.K. Japan

Front-end Web Developer

We're a small distributed team of 3 core developers, 2 support service configuration specialists / BAs, and a PM, looking for a 3rd core developer to help us build an insurance application, and improve our existing technical products and services.

Strong communication skills in English is a requirement.

Knowledge of Japanese is NOT in any way a requirement.

You must live within 3.5 timezones of Japan (JST - GMT +9). Countries within these constraints include India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, parts of Russia, Papua New Guinea

What you might do:

* Write code to create robust web application front-ends utilizing React, Redux, TypeScript, and HTML/CSS.

* Translate user stories into wireframes and then turn them into mockups before implementing them as code.

* Continuously optimize web designs to provide a smooth, beautiful user experience.

* Troubleshoot bugs and issues that may require investigating both the front-end and back-end.

* Closely collaborate with back-end and full stack developers.

Required experience/technologies: ES6+ features (Promises, Async/Await), Web UI design with HTML/CSS, Front-end JS libraries/frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, etc.), Single-page applications (SPA)

Preferred experience/technologies: Typescript, React/Redux, Docker-based development, General understanding of back-end web frameworks, familiarity with build tools like Gulp, Webpack, and Parcel

Bonus experience/technologies:

* Node.js

* Enough back-end experience to implement simple endpoints with queries

* AWS or other cloud services (for deploying web-applications to development environments)

Please contact with your resume. Not required, but side projects and github contributions are helpful and appreciated.

BMC Group K.K. Japan logo
BMC Group K.K. Japan logo

BMC Group K.K. Japan

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