January 11, 2022
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Expert Level WordPress Architect & Developer

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Expert Level WordPress Architect & Developer

Searching for a freelance contractor who can work either part-time or full-time, but can dedicate at a minimum of 20 hours per week (preferably more) who has expert level WordPress architecture and development experience. We are building a new, industry-wide application. Our 10-20K (USD) budget may not allow us to complete all the work described below, so depending on a project bid, we may need to prioritize what work needs to be done within our budget.


Our Angular application (home search) uses WordPress for content management.

Main objectives:
– Headless use of WordPress using REST API
– Security: No unnecessary permissions for WordPress users (managing plugins, user management, editing theme files)
– Multitenancy: We have many users who need to manage content separately within a WordPress multisite install
– UX: We want a seamless editing experience that feels natural to our application’s management interface and likely would prefer use of Gutenberg

Key Principles:
– Users should be able to select templates for display in the angular application (not WordPress themes)
– We should be able to author templates easily
– Ideally we want to keep the possibility open for users to eventually manage their own templates

There may be some overlap between some template functionality and the editor (such as layout selection).

The content users create should be SEO friendly both for the users authoring the content and for the display of the content in the Angular application.

It may be possible in the future that we want users to delegate responsibility or the ability to edit content to additional users which may be less privileged.

– Menu Item Creation/Management
– Page Creation/Editing
– Blogging
– Custom post types are leveraged for two different types of content with custom fields that integrate with the Angular application: Communities and Neighborhoods

Communities generally represent a city and have different metadata like school districts. Neighborhoods are parts of communities – the boundaries of a community within a neighborhood are selected by the user on a map.

We do have media uploads for our application managed through an Amazon S3-compatible object storage system (Digital Ocean Spaces) – Ideally our WordPress media gallery uploads would be integrated with our object storage and the permissions/ownership of each object would be tied to the user whose multisite subsite it is associated with.

Currently Implemented Work:
– Our Angular application currently does use the WordPress API to fetch pages and can display their content (the slug is found using the path in our application)
– Communities and Neighborhoods custom post types and their custom fields are setup in a custom WordPress plugin, but this code is old. Our application is setup to pull the data via the REST API and display it.

Other Concerns:
We need single-sign-on (SSO) for authenticated users who use our application and need to manage WordPress content – we don’t want them to need two sets of passwords that either need to be synchronized or might be different. The sessions should be valid for the same timeframe and not time-out on one end before the other first.
We ideally need this to be as visually integrated within the administrative backend of our application as possible, so it feels natural for a user to manage content that is handled by WordPress.

This implementation of WordPress restricts many things users who are familiar with WordPress might be tempted to do – install plugins and themes or try to use their existing website.

We may have users who have existing websites that would need to import/migrate content, but I think we would want to handle this for them rather than making this more complex.

The WordPress multisite installation and its subsites would be hosted, provisioned, and administered by us, with users only able to manage their content.

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