January 16, 2022
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Data Engineer/Data Architect - Data Science & Analytics (Blockchain Product)


Data Engineer/Data Architect - Data Science & Analytics (Blockchain Product)

We are Ramp

Blockchain is changing the world and has the potential to turn it upside down. We know that it is time to reverse the model we got used to, where the top 1% decide on everything. Blockchain democratises entertainment, wealth, builds new opportunities for community-driven innovation, shakes up the ancien regime. We’re inches away from the paradigm shift and Ramp is here to help move the needle.

The bottom-up revolution is already on the move and there is still some space onboard. Ramp is here to use the knowledge of finance and technology to make business more open to everyone to join in and make crypto easier. Interacting with crypto-powered apps still feels intimidating for most. We work to unlock a future where crypto is as easy to use as eCommerce is today.

We believe in technology-driven change. We are a part of the decentralised revolution. For us, that means adding value to the world by individual approach and critical eye. Our operating framework is built on passion & hunger. We gathered the best-in-class team to work together on things that matter. We want you to feel challenged and motivated by the company you have and give the same feeling to your teammates.

If you share our values and approach, there is a space for you at Ramp!

Role Overview

We are looking forward to meeting Data Engineer/DataOps/Data Architect to cooperate on data migration and integration.

As a new Data Team in Ramp, we are starting with data integration, sustainable Descriptive analytics and A/B testing. But we are rapidly moving towards Predictive and Prescriptive analytics. You will be working closely with the Product Team to make high-impact, data-informed decisions regarding future product development.

We are flexible - we could cooperate on a long-term basis (joining our core team with ESOP, paid holidays and other standard startup goodies) or short-term consultancy; remotely or on-site (relocation possible) in the centre of Warsaw, Wroclaw or London.

The role is for a 6 month contract.

Core Responsibilities

  • in general, technical supporting of data strategy implementation, in particular:
  • having ownership of (analytical) data architecture focused on descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • utilizing of best practices in Data Warehouse to reduce complexity and costs, using dbt (Data Build Tool; dagster, Great Expectations - nice to have); Python; Airbyte, Airflow or alternatives; GitHub; ClickUp
  • ingesting data ingestions into the cloud data warehouse (BigQuery)
  • supporting of integration of different data sources (Google Analytics; transactional data; SFTP; public datasets using APIs, webhooks) into BigQuery
  • optimizing performance
  • data security management
  • monitoring and improving data quality, e.g. implementing testing with dbt, Great Expectations


  • being friendly and professional; excited by the possibilities of working on the intersection of FinTech and blockchain (no blockchain experience required)
  • readiness to work (!) in a rapidly scaling up startup. It is not about work for the sake of work - we are directly contributing to the success of our product. We are growing very fast and want to keep users as happy as possible.
  • at least +2 years of experience as Data Engineer/DataOps/Data Architect
  • blockchain or fintech-related experience is a plus
  • experience in migrating data into the cloud data warehouse (e.g GCP - BigQuery, AWS, other, also in using dbt; Python; Google Analytics; Airbyte, Airflow or alternatives; GitHub; ClickUp is a plus
  • experience in integration of different data sources (Google Analytics; transactional data; SFTP; public datasets using APIs, webhooks) into BigQuery is a plus

We offer

💰 10500-16000 B2B net for mid position

💰 19500-25000 B2B net for senior position

💰 27500-36500 B2B net for Tech Lead

on an invoice - or equivalent on employment contract

📈 stock options in a rapidly growing company - so far we have grown 40x this year

🏝 26+ fully paid holidays (or more if you need it)
🏠 comfy workspace located in Warsaw, Wroclaw and London; work from home is also an option,
🏊‍♀️ private health care package and Multisport Plus card for you and your partner - fully on us,

💻 newest Mac or laptop with Windows or Linux, and any other tools you may need,
🥇 being part of one of the hottest crypto startups,

👩‍🎓 self-development and conference budget to help you grow,

⛰️ annual company retreat,

🗣️ English lessons,

🔝 making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership (you will be the second person in the recruitment team).

Ramp is an equal opportunity employer. What this means in practice is that your race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age won’t affect our recruitment decisions. We’ll focus solely on your skills, experience, potential for growth and attitude.

Do you fear you won’t fit in? 90%+ of Ramp’s team agreed with the following statement: While I occasionally felt like a misfit in other workplaces/firms, I feel a sense of belonging here at Ramp.

Psst. If you're not the one, but someone you know might just be the perfect fit? Let them know! Apply to an open application and let's chat!

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