July 22, 2021
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Create an Awesome WP RSS Aggregator Website for Voice Acting News

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Create an Awesome WP RSS Aggregator Website for Voice Acting News

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to setup a news aggregator website with WP RSS Aggregator. Support from the plugin has been a bit confusing.

I’m looking for an expert with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to setup this news content aggregator so I it is just done.

Not looking to pay hourly, as I’ve had that turn into a disaster for me before. Would prefer a flat fee for this project. So let me know we can discuss what is a reasonable amount.

I already have all of the RSS feeds gathered and WP installed on a domain name. The domain will be – – and it will be a content aggregator for the voiceover and voice acting industry.

My idea is to have a few different category sections;

Voiceover & Voice Acting – Will included all content.
News & Blogs – Just text news and blogs.
Podcasts – Industry podcasts will go in this category with audio players.
YouTube – All of the VO & Voice Acting YouTube channels.

All of these will need to be pulled into WP posts and not just be static clickable links like some aggregator sites display.

The Podcasts section should clearly have the MP3 player playable on all the posts with an image. The YouTube and videos section will need to pull the Title of the video and the YouTube video into the post so it is playable.

Additionally I want to have a separate section for unique content written by myself or outside contributors.

Example sites that you have done for clients using the plugin or how you have integrated it into existing websites will be very helpful.

The focus of the website will be gaining email subscribers so I can market my own voiceover services and other products to the voice acting community. I use MailerLite as my ESP.

The first above the fold landing page should be something where the user sign-ups for the email list. Additionally should be a pop-up and a email subscription form on the right column of the website. A Newsletter page would be good to have as well. I’ll want to separate out email subscribers into different list buckets too.

You can see some examples of sites built using WP RSS Aggregator I like here;

I like the way RecruitingHeadlines is setup the best. If you see I like the way the images pull into the posts. I also like the floating email Subscribe bar on the bottom of the screen of HRTechFeed too.

I have Divi and Elementor licenses but it looks like for better and easier customization I should purchase Toolset. If so that is fine, just let me know so I can understand what will be needed.

I’d also like you to sit with me for a session to help me understand the inner workings of the plugin. A “Teach a man to fish” scenario since I want to know how to configure things on my own.

Let me know if this project interests you, and if you have any questions I can answer, etc. Please use the phrase “Purple Elephants” in your reply so I know you are reading this. 😀

Budget: $928


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