March 5, 2022
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Backend Software Engineer, Ambassador Cloud Ship Team


Backend Software Engineer, Ambassador Cloud Ship Team

Ambassador Labs is a platform to enable cloud native developers to code, ship and run their applications faster and easier than ever. We are building the tools likeEmissary-ingress andTelepresence, which we donated as open source projects to the CNCF and the Ambassador Labs developer control plane for Kubernetes. Our products are used by developer teams including Microsoft, Epic Games PTC, NVidia, and Ticketmaster. Ambassador Labs is backed by top investors including Insight Partners, Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, and Four Rivers Group.

We are a globally distributed, remote team with team members in North America, Europe, South America and Africa. If you would like to work with colleagues IRL at least some of the time, we also have optional ‘pods’ in Montreal, Boston and Portland. We value creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and are actively working on building a culture where under-indexed groups are truly welcomed and can flourish.

About being an Engineer at Ambassador
As an engineer at Ambassador Labs, you will be working on products to help developers make the shift to the cloud with Kubernetes, front and center. We believe the self-service DevOps movement is the future and our mission is to provide the tooling, monitoring, safeguards and automation to let our product engineering teams all over the world deliver software quickly and safely. This is an engineering team which empowers other engineering teams.

The Ship team at Ambassador is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the product engineers who use our platform can easily and safely deploy their applications to their Kubernetes cluster(s). 

As a backend cloud engineer in the Ship team, you’ll propose, build, integrate and maintain the platform that developers rely on to manage their Kubernetes deployments, working on projects like automated rollbacks and progressive delivery. You’ll work closely with other engineers on the Ship team and collaborate with product and design to plan and execute on ways to make it easier and safer than ever to deploy code to production.

What You'll Do
The mission of the Ship team is to enable product teams to easily deploy their applications. Ultimately, you’ll make the lives of product engineers all over the world easier and less stressful by making the scariest part of their workflow into a non-event.  This role will involve considerable scope to identify opportunities and find pain points in our current workflows and product, and have a hand in shaping what our product does.

We work in six week development cycles where we build features that make our customers lives’ better. We then have two weeks during which you are free to work on whatever you want that benefits the business and our customers -  you might do some self-directed learning, improve your tools, or maybe even work on a demo for an exciting new idea you had.
Your team uses Notion to plan and track the work, Figma for UI design, Markdown for documentation, CircleCI for continuous integration, Docker Hub for the resulting images, and of course Slack and Zoom. We have a weekly short all-company (Zoom) meeting to stay current on all the things, but we are primarily a written, async culture. We try hard to minimize meetings.
We are firm believers in self-service DevOps and owning one’s code in production, so currently on-call responsibility is shared among all engineers at Ambassador. That is currently one week being on-call every three months. We are a supportive, collaborative environment, and help is always at hand from your on-call EM, runbooks, and escalation policies.

Communication and education are key aspects of this role, and you will spend time creating written documentation or recording screencasts and demos and actively seeking feedback on how well your team’s products work.

More important than specific technical skills, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn and do the work to identify problems and then work collaboratively and creatively to solve them. That said, we expect that the successful candidate will satisfy most of the following:

Our Current Tech Stack

    • Code: Golang and Web-components  (Javascript, CSS, React)
    • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS
    • Pipelines: Helm, Github Actions, CircleCI
    • Scripting: Go, Python, Infra-as-code (e.g. Terraform)
    • You’ll work on Linux or Mac: some of us work on one platform, some on the other, each choosing whichever platform makes us the most productive.
    • You’ll also use your favorite IDE or editor; although we use different ones, we’re oddly free of those silly “mine is the best” discussions :).

Helpful Skills and Experience

    • A deep interest in delivering intuitive and reliable well-documented tools
    • Direct exposure to Kubernetes and have a passion for creating WOW experiences while at the same time making continuous improvements.
    • A Track record of putting Golang and Javascript to use to bring products to life
    • Proficiency in debugging/troubleshooting complex systems and a strong ‘growth mindset’ to learn and figure out unknowns. 
    • While we prioritize skill and interest over number of years of experience, successful applicants typically have at least 3 years experience as an engineer working with cloud services & platforms. Experience working on developer tooling is a bonus.
How to Apply

We are looking forward to hearing from you. We move quickly. We don’t need to talk to 20 other candidates to make a decision, so if the fit feels right on both sides, you can be part of the team as soon as next week. 

You will do 4 interviews, all remotely over Zoom: 
1: People team, covering culture and experience 
2: Hiring Manager (Ana) covering your approach to work and the role
3: Technical Interview which is a code walkthrough
4: VP Engineering (Katie) to answer questions and talk more about culture.

We don’t do algorithms, off-the-cuff coding sessions, or brainteasers: we want to hear about your real-life experiences and the users that you’ve made happy. 

Ambassador Labs is an equal opportunity employer, and we specifically welcome applications from under-indexed groups in our industry. Don't let the confidence gap stop you from applying: if you don't meet 100% of the criteria but we sound like your sort of place, please apply anyway!

This is a significant career move that’s well worth considering. We appreciate you giving us that consideration, and we promise to give you our full attention in return. Talk to you soon!
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