March 5, 2022
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Freelance Writer


Freelance Writer

TL;DR: We seek an experienced writer passionate about personal growth and psychology. This is a fully remote, freelance position. $25-40 / hour, depending on how skilled you are.

What’s the role?
NERIS Analytics / seeks a skilled writer to build on our existing canon. We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about not just writing, but also about the intersection between personality psychology and personal growth. An interest in broader psychology and personal development topics will go a long way as well.

The ideal candidate…

First and foremost is a writer.

You revel in taking raw information – statistics, comments, experience, and whatever else you can pull together – and translating it into something approachable and enjoyable to read. You can step into anyone’s shoes and tell their story better than they can.

Has native-level English writing skills.

Your writing isn’t just grammatically perfect – it’s also clear, insightful, informed, and engaging. You’re able to express and explain abstract concepts while relating to your audience on a human level.

Is willing to learn our framework inside and out, and then some.

Our readers often come for a lark, leave with their lives changed. We take pride in that, and it’s all based on a theory that is accurate, reliable, and conveyed beautifully. Your writing will support that.

Plays nicely with others.

Your writing will be reviewed by peers and given feedback that you’re expected to work with. We are curious, perfectionistic, and team oriented.

Works well with the company voice.

Informal and lively, yet rigorous and professional. We strive for a sense of good-natured knowledgeability and helpfulness without being stuffy or overbearing.

Is reliable and consistent.

You can do your work anytime, anywhere in the world – but we expect regular communication and timely deliverables.

What’s the pay?
Pay is between $25 and $40 per hour, depending on skill and experience, with 15–25-hour work weeks. Think your talent warrants more? Show us and we’ll talk.

How much experience do I need?
We’re ideally looking for someone with 2+ years of paid writing experience. This is not an entry-level role, although we’re open to being flexible on the experience requirement for truly exceptional candidates. If you’re one of them, prove that to us ;)

What’s the lifestyle?
NERIS Analytics is a relatively small, fully remote company with a flat hierarchy and a penchant for both curiosity and perfectionism. We are a team, and you will not be autonomous. You’ll pitch ideas, receive feedback, have open dialogues with your peers and superiors, and be heard and respected. Sometimes projects will be assigned, sometimes you’ll be expected to take the lead. We don’t do calls, video or otherwise – all communication is written. You’ll work from anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

Sounds good! How do I apply?
If you’d like to apply, please send your resume / CV and a relevant sample of your work to Please also mention your availability and preferred hourly rate.

You’ll work on a freelance (non-employee) basis, and the initial contract will be for three months, with a high likelihood of extension if everything goes well.

A few more notes:
We are looking for an individual, not an agency.
Please don’t apply if you don’t have verifiable experience.
Please don’t send chaser e-mails – we’re a small business and we can’t respond to everyone individually. We’ll get in touch if we think you’d be a good fit for us.
That should be it! Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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