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Avoid the chaos. Get a single email with vetted remote front-end candidates for your job.

How much time are you wasting going through irrelevant applications?

You're getting bombarbed with job applications from all the job boards you posted to. A lot of them don't have the necessary skills and experience for your position. You're getting so many applications you can't even reply to them all leaving people wondering, "Am I still being considered?". It's a full-time job going through and vetting candidates.

How much time would you save if you got a single email with a handful of vetted remote front-end web developers who want to work with you?

We send you vetted candidates for your job.

As a remote development team, we know what makes a successful remote candidate. We send your job to our email list of 1k+ front-end developers who are looking for their next project. After they apply, we vet each candidate individually and send you our recommended picks.

Our Stats

Our list of engaged front-end developers trust us to provide them with their next opportunity every week. Our engagement rates are a testament to that.

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How it works

1. Create a listing for your job.

Skip all the unnecessary forms on most job sites and post your job in seconds with us.

2. We send your job to our list of 1k+ front-end developers.

They trust us to provide them with their next opportunity every week.

3. Candidates reply to us. We vet everyone individually.

We select the developers who match the skills and experience for your position.

4. You get a single email.

We send you our top recommendations with a summary of why they will fit your requirements along with a link to their portfolio and cover letter.

RemoteLeads will be the best money you've spent to find a good remote front-end candidate.