About Us

Why we started RemoteLeads

Our biggest dilemma as freelancers is always finding good clients when we need the work. What works best is finding leads posted on social media and contacting clients directly. We built RemoteLeads to make it easy for freelancers to get access to these leads without wasting hours a week searching for them.

The Team

Harbind Kharod

I'm a full stack developer and I've been working as a freelancer for over 5 years. Along the way I've hired many remote developers and I've found that finding the perfect candidate was always a time consuming and involved task. Our goal with RemoteLeads is to change that and make the process enjoyable for both the freelancers and organizations.

Derick Ruiz

I've been freelancing remotely as a front-end web developer since 2014. I've had the privilege to work with clients like Uber, Hilton, Kidizen, Glasses.com, and others to help them create their websites.