What's the deal..??

I’m officially done with searching on freelance sites... The freelance leads are perfect so far and customization was on point as well.

Kevin R. — Saved countless hours looking for remote freelance work that matched his interests.

Hi, I'm John. I'm the owner of RemoteLeads.

Does the below sound like you:

'My biggest headache is always finding good remote projects when I need the work.

I sit in cafes or at home all day - laptop open - wasting hours slogging through job source after job source.

I waste most of that time reading over projects that are not a match for me.

The job didn't match up to my skills. Or the client wanted a remote worker, but from a specific country. Or a specific timezone. Or a variety or other things that made the job not a match.

I knew that good, suitable projects are out there. It just took me too long to find them...'

So you keep repeating the same routine over and over, wasting time finding work instead of actually...working!

"You guys are a big contributor to my lead generation. I now spend more time on contacting clients and the client work rather than trying to hunt down leads."

Aengie S. - Full-stack Dev
Getting freelance, part-time and full-timeFirebase, React, and Node.js remote work.

There are so many jobs out there, be it remote, freelance and contract based it's disheartening when you don't seem to find the right jobs in time.

You need relevant jobs to what you are looking for delivered on time, so you are ahead of the competition.

Don't waste time and money finding work. Let's us handle that for you while you work in becoming the very best version of you!

RemoteLeads was built to make it easy for remote developers like you to land your next remote project without wasting time.

"I reached out to 3 companies so far and secured a part-time front-end gig with a company in Europe! And yes, the accuracy of the postings was great, awesome service, keep it up!"

Brendon M. - Front-End Dev
Getting freelance and part-time Shopify, WordPress, and Front-End remote work.