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Iā€™m officially done with searching on freelance sites... The freelance leads are perfect so far and customization was on point as well.

Kevin R. ā€” Saved countless hours looking for remote freelance work that matched his interests.

Hi, I'm Derick. I'm a remote developer and founder of RemoteLeads.

My biggest headache was always finding good remote projects when I needed the work.

I sat in cafes all day - laptop open - wasting hours slogging through job source after job source.

I wasted most of that time reading over projects that were not a match for me.

The job didn't match up to my skills. Or the client wanted a remote worker, but from a specific country. Or a specific timezone. Or a variety or other things that made the job not a match.

I knew that good, suitable projects were out there. It just took me too long to find them...

I kept going to cafes and searching every single day...

"You guys are a big contributor to my lead generation. I now spend more time on contacting clients and the client work rather than trying to hunt down leads.

Aengie S. - Full-stack Dev

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Getting freelance, part-time and full-time Firebase, React, and Node.js remote work.

Sometimes I'd find a good project that perfectly-aligned with what I needed.

I'd send an email to the client immediately.

Looking back, I needed a system that found the best, most relevant jobs for me.

My team and I built RemoteLeads to make it easy for remote developers like you to land your next remote project without wasting time.

"I reached out to 3 companies so far and secured a part-time front-end gig with a company in Europe! And yes, the accuracy of the postings was great, awesome service, keep it up!

Brendon M. - Front-End Dev

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Getting freelance and part-time Shopify, WordPress, and Front-End remote work.

It's the tool I wish I had.

Using this system, I landed remote contract positions with companies like Hilton Hotels, Uber, IFTTT, and more...

Derick Sozo, Founder of RemoteLeads
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